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1.Towada Horseback Riding Club
2.The 3-day yabusame intensive lesson pack
3.Made-to-order yabusame garb
4.Yabusame Experience Program

Towada Horseback Riding Club

115-2, Aza Saihaba, Oaza Sanbongi, Towada City, Aomori Prefecture,Japan
Telephone Number 0176-26-2945

An outdoor horseback riding excursion provides a sense of thrill and freedom that cannot be experienced within the equestrian club. What better way to unwind than to soak in refreshing natural surroundings while swaying gently on the back of a horse? Surrounded by greenery and rarely frequented by people or cars, the area around the equestrian club is the perfect environment for venturing out on a horse. Unlike going to an outdoor riding area, this activity can be done with just one person. The club will help depending on your skill level, from beginner to advanced, so that you can venture out easily at any time.

Horseback riding experience
Because even the first time is the first time enjoyed easily, an impression is tasted.

I remember bridle operation and go horseback riding, technology, step up!
It’s possible to peep at the “delicious taste of” the horseback riding which also handles a horse with the one of the instructor’s guidance.

An experience Name/ hop step riding.
The charge/4000 yen
The required time/45 minutes
The quota/5 people
Acceptance time/year-round
Note/target beyond a schoolchild.

Horseback riding excursion
Four seasons in Aomori, on the horse, sense natural walk hose trekking

The refreshment time best a view of wildlife and each season rides a horse, and when is enjoyed.

An experience Name/ horseback riding excursion.
The charge/10000 yen 45 minutes
The quota/5 people
Acceptance time/year-round
I take a walk through in the note/ pasture site and its circumference.

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Information on the 3-day yabusame intensive lesson pack

Yabusame is an ancient Japanese martial art in which archers riding a horse compete for marks by shooting arrows at targets. Archers release an arrow atop a horse galloping at full speed. It is a fast-paced, exciting, and dignified event involving solemn rites and manners. The harness and the archer’s costume are also in a stately, ancient style.

This is a three-day intensive program designed primarily for people who have horseback riding experience. It teaches the basic theory of yabusame, horseback riding, archery, and Japanese-style harness according to the skills of the participants.

■ Period
(1) April 24 (Wednesday) – 26 (Friday)
(2) May 8 (Wednesday) – 10 (Friday)
(3) June 12 (Wednesday) – 14 (Friday)
(4) July 10 (Wednesday) – 12 (Friday)
(5) August 21 (Wednesday) – 23 (Friday)
(6) September 4 (Wednesday) – 6 (Friday)
(7) October 9 (Wednesday) – 11 (Friday)
(8) October 30 (Wednesday) – November 1 (Friday)

Day 1: Afternoon, 2 hours (14: 00-16: 00)
Day 2: All day 4 hours (10: 00-12: 00, 14: 00-16: 00)
Day 3: 2 hours (10: 00-12: 00)

■ Participation fee (3 days per person)
・ Visitor (normally 8 hours 80,800 yen) → 60,000 yen (tax included)
・ Member (normally 8 hours 24,000 yen) → 20,000 yen (tickets accepted)

■ Targets
Canter certification holders

■ Capacity
13 people per time x 8 times total = training for 100 people!!

Click here to download the flyer

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Made-to-order yabusame garb

We put our hearts into making sets of yabusame garb, one by one.
Our highly skilled designers and patterners help give shape to your garment concept.
Featuring individuality and splendor based on participants’ individual requests, the garments are designed with functionality and with consideration of women as wearers, while retaining Japanese elements.
These are usable not only for competitions but also for events and exhibitions! Please feel free to contact us.

☆ Yabusame competition garments
☆ Event costumes for exhibitions, etc.
☆ Campaign costumes

Yabusame garments: from 35,000 yen

Eboshi headgear: from 8,000 yen

Igote Gauntlets: from 8,000 yen

Sangai: from 17,000 yen

What is the Sakura Yabusame Fashion Mask?

Registered as a trademark in December 2017, the Sakura Yabusame brand was launched to produce yabusame garb and more.
Sakura Yabusame Fashion Mask is an accessory product that makes use of cloth remnants from garment production. The demand for masks exploded under the COVID-19 pandemic, resulted in an unexpected flood of requests.

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Yabusame Experience Program

Content of the Yabusame Experience Program
(1) Explanation of the history of yabusame and Towada
(2) Bow handling instruction and experience
(3) Horseback riding experience
(4) Yabusame experience
* Offered to participants in primary school 4th grade or above, and 140 cm or above in height
In addition to the ancient history of yabusame, participants learn how Towada developed through horses.
Participants experience bow shooting while receiving explanations on topics including the differences from normal bows and arrows and tips for shooting.
Even beginners can confidently try out horseback riding.
Safety operators stand in front. Commemorative photos are possible.

How to apply
Between April and the end of October, select the desired date (not available Tuesdays) and start time (10:00, 11:00, 14:00, 15:00). Apply for a reservation at least one week before the desired date.
* Please make a reservation as early as possible. Reservations are accepted up to 2 months in advance.
* We may not be able to accept requests if there are prior reservations at the desired date and time.

Please provide the following information when applying.
・ Desired date and time
・ Name and phone number of representative
・ Age, gender, riding experience, height, and weight of participants (Rough information is fine, for use as a guide in horse selection)

Please come to the clubhouse 15 to 10 minutes before your reservation time.
Don’t forget to bring your ticket.
● Fill out the “Riding Application Form” at the clubhouse.
● A changing room is available if you need to change clothes.
● We will store any valuables requiring storage.
● Participants will wear boots and a helmet.
● When you are ready, staff will guide you to the location of the instructor and the horse.

From April 1, 2011, the use of helmets is mandatory at the club.
We request that you wear a helmet, regardless of your level of experience.

● The experience will be postponed if it cannot be carried out due to weather conditions or track conditions. The ticket can used at a later date.
● Horseback riding is essentially an “all-weather” leisure activity. A bit of snow or rain is no problem. However, strong winds, lightning, and blizzards are a different situation.
 Please be aware that outdoor riding will be suspended immediately if staff determine that weather conditions are dangerous.

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