World YABUSAME Championship

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1.World YABUSAME Championship
2.Towada, the mecca for competitive yabusame

World YABUSAME Championship

Yabusame lovers from all over the country gather and compete in a day of spirited competition for the grand prize. It is an opportunity to fully enjoy the wonder of martial arts that have been passed down from ancient times and pay tribute to the fact that the Japanese stallion still thrives today.

【World YABUSAME Championship】

■Date: Mid-October every year
■Location: Towada City Central Park (Chuo Koen) Yabusame Venue
■Admission: Free
Yabusame Competition
09:30~ Opening Ceremony
10:00~ Beginner & Intermediate Divisions; Team Competition
12:00~ Pro Division; Intermediate & Beginner Divisions

Horse Riding Experience (500yen~)
SAKURA YABUSAME Photo Contest Exhibition
English interpreting guide

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Food Stalls
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Towada, the mecca for competitive yabusame

Located in southern Aomori Prefecture, Towada features natural spots including Lake Towada and Oirase Gorge, designated national special scenic spots and natural monuments. It is famous throughout Japan as a tourist destination.
At the same time, the urban area, which is developing as an artistic town containing the Towada Art Center and more, has a prosperous history as Japan’s largest war horse breeding ranch, with the Sanbongi Branch of the Army Remount Department established here in the Meiji era.
Kanchogai-dori in the city center is a famous location selected among the “100 Best Roads in Japan.” Towada is recognized even today as a “city of horses” where a history of horses lies heavy, as seen in stone monuments of the Army Remount Department and horse-shaped objects of art along what is nicknamed “Horse Highroad.”

The World Yabusame Championship is an event launched to broadly publicize this “city of horses” to the local residents and others, both inside and outside the prefecture.
Held every year in mid-October, this tournament is also positioned as the last tournament of the yabusame season as winter approaches. It is a high-level tournament that brings together top competitors from the year’s tournaments.
Don’t miss the opportunity to see the impressive power of the horses from seats close enough to the action to feel the flying sand.

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